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HFCC Annual Charity Golf Outing

“This year marks the Hospital Foundation of Crawford County’s (HFCC) 14th Annual Charity Golf Outing. It would have been 15 years except for COVID. This is the one fundraising event the HFCC does every year. It’s very important to us conduct this event in support of Crawford County Memorial Hospital. This is an opportunity for us to raise money to do things that help improve the quality of healthcare for all of the residents of Crawford County.”

That’s Brandi Ruskell, marketing and development coordinator, for CCMH.

“This year’s HFCC Charity Golf Outing is being held on Friday, June 28 at Majestic Hills Golf Course in Denison. Registration begins at 9 am with golf beginning at 10 am. We’re hoping to raise upwards of $10,000 in this one day event.”

Ruskell noted this year’s golf outing has the highest participation in the past five years.

“As noted, COVID really put a damper on participation for several years. Right now, we have 28, 4-person teams that are coming to play. It’s going to be a fantastic day and fun filled with lots of people, but we can always add more.”

Participation in the golf outing doesn’t actually require playing golf.

“There are several different sponsorship levels available anywhere from $2,500 for a corporate sponsorship down to a straight $100 donation. A business can participate by donating a prize. We love to award flag, flight and door prizes. If a business has an item it would like to donate, we’ll be happy to give it away, raffle it off, or conduct a contest.”

Any profits from the Annual Charity Golf Outing are donated to Crawford County Memorial Hospital for the purchase of patient care equipment.

“In the past, the Hospital Foundation has raised money to help buy ambulances for the Emergency department, Panda Warmers for the hospital OB department,  and power cots for the ambulance. Last year we purchased Lucas devices for the ER department. The Lucas device is a battery-powered chest compression device. It’s used in the field with cardiac patients, so an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) doesn’t have to do chest compressions, freeing them up to care for the patient.”

This year’s golf outing funds will be used to purchase a blood gas analyzer for the CCMH Lab department.

“Most diagnoses a physician will make come about because of the evidence that’s found in tests conducted in the lab. A blood gas analyzer is a piece of equipment that can help to diagnose conditions like respiratory failure, metabolic disorders and acid base imbalances. This allows us to do better and more accurate testing.”

Ruskell finds the relationships created by the golf outing are long lasting and beneficial to all who are involved.

“It’s a fantastic time even if you’re not an avid golfer. This is an opportunity to make great relationships with people in different kinds of businesses. Some of those people are CCMH vendors and some are just people who want to support the HFCC and, by extension, Crawford County Memorial Hospital. The goal for all of us is improving health care. Relationship building is important because, in most instances, relationships last a lot longer than money does.”

Volunteers are also welcome to help with the golf outing.

“We will always accept volunteers. We’ll put you on a hole and help run a game. We’ll have several other activities going on that day as well. And we need people to grill hamburgers and hot dogs so there’s always something to do and ways to be involved.”  

Ruskell says the day will be filled with fun, food, refreshments and golf.

“We’re going to treat all of our golfers and volunteers to lunch. Once the golf is over, we’ll have a social hour in the afternoon along with snacks and hors d’oeuvres. Probably a couple of free drinks or refreshments will be served to those over 21. There’ll be prize giveaways for flights and flags. We’ll also have door prizes. We want to make sure that people leave feeling like their sponsorship was worthwhile and they spent a really good day with us. The golf outing event is a fun way of raising money to help buy the equipment that we need to improve the quality of health care in Crawford County.”

Sign up information for the HFCC Annual Charity Golf Outing can be found at Registration and payment information is all online. To volunteer, call 712-265-2500.



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