The Pharmacy provides 24-hour service to patients at Crawford County Memorial Hospital.

Crawford County Memorial Hospital’s Pharmacy is staffed with two full time Pharmacists and two Pharmacy Technicians.

Pharmacy services

  • Pharmaceutical care – Monitoring drug therapy for appropriate use for medical condition, for safe and effective therapy, and to resolve and prevent drug therapy problems
  • Pharmacokinetic management of selected drugs
  • Management of anticoagulant therapy
  • Drug distribution for all patient; including inpatients, surgical patients, obstetric patients, and emergency room patients.
  • Patient education about medication therapy

Crawford County Memorial Hospital’s Pharmacy is staffed with one full time Pharmacist, who serves as the director, and two Pharmacy Technicians. The Pharmacy has contracted with the Nebraska Medical Center for “Remote Pharmacy Services.” This provides review of all medication orders by pharmacists before administration to patients.

Patient Medication Safety is promoted extensively. Besides the Remote Pharmacists for 24 hour coverage, the Pharmacy uses a Bar Code system for nursing to administer medications. This is an additional step in assuring patients receive the correct medication. The pharmacy is also responsible for maintaining medications on the nursing units by utilizing an “Automated Dispensing System.”

The Pharmacy at Crawford County Memorial Hospital is not a retail outlet and is therefore not open to the general public.


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