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Meet Kylee LeFebvre, FNP

Kylee LeFebvre, FNP, is now in Family Practice at the CCMH Medical Clinic. LeFebvre says she started her nursing education at Western Iowa Tech Community College (WIT).

“I graduated from WIT in Sioux City in 2011 as a registered nurse and then worked as a nurse for about 11 years. During that time, I decided I wanted to go back for my Bachelor’s degree and felt that Briar Cliff University in Sioux City was the most appropriate place to do so. I really wanted to go to Briar Cliff because they have great history with nursing. After I finished my Bachelor’s, I decided I didn’t want to stop there so I continued on with my Masters for Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).”

LeFebvre says moving from an RN degree to a Bachelor’s, and then to a Master’s degree, is a natural progression for many nurses.

“Once you gain more education and more knowledge it just seems to make sense that you go to that next level. People may not necessarily work towards becoming a nurse practitioner. They might go for education for other purposes. For whatever reason, many nurses continue on with their education to reach the next level in healthcare.”

LeFebvre began her nursing career at CCMH.

“I worked at Crawford County Memorial Hospital for almost six years. When I left, I went to a vascular specialty practice at Dakota Dunes. There was there was a huge learning curve, but I learned so much. Everything about it was new, and it was a challenge, but I like challenges. Vascular specialties is like learning a whole new language. They can teach you about it in school but when you’re in the midst of the profession, it’s a lot to know”.

LeFebvre acknowledged many nurses and other practitioners sometimes get stuck in a career because they’re happy where they’re at and tend to stop learning.  

“I feel in healthcare you have to want to keep learning because everything is always changing. Many times, the only way to progress in a career, whether its healthcare or something entirely different, you have to gain more education.”

Getting back home was one of the attractions of CCMH for LeFebvre.

“I always had the feeling it would be nice to get closer to home to for my practice. I’m from Mapleton and it just seemed like the right time and the right place to come back to CCMH. Somehow it all worked out that way so I’m very happy about that.”

Having a primary family practice is important to LeFebvre.

“What is great about the FNP program is it allows you to see basically everyone across the lifespan. In my practice at CCMH, I can see babies all the way up to adult patients and geriatric patients. I like a good variety as well so not every day is exactly the same. I think it’s a lot of fun to care for different kinds of  people, too. I’m especially excited to be able to see more children and adolescents.”

LeFebvre is encouraging any patient without a medical home to make an appointment to see her at CCMH.

“All anyone has to do is call the CCMH Medical Clinic at 712-265-2700 and ask for an appointment with me. You can also go to the CCMH website and request an appointment there as well.”



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