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Volunteer Appreciation

“One of the best ways for us to feel better about ourselves is to go help somebody else who really needs it. I think that our volunteers fulfill that role. It’s what keeps them coming back because they have an opportunity to help someone else.”

Dustin Durbin is the Volunteer Services and Community Relations Coordinator at Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH).

“We have 141 CCMH auxiliary members with 87 very active volunteers. There are 44 volunteers who are involved with the CCMH Gift Shop area and an almost equal number that participate in our free Patient Transportation Service program. And a few more volunteers at the Good Samaritan Center Thrift Shop. We have a lot of volunteers here at CCMH.”

Volunteer Appreciation Event

Durbin notes that CCMH holds an annual event to recognize volunteers and their contributions. This year’s Volunteer Appreciation Brunch is being held on Friday, April 19.

“This year’s event will be held at Cronk’s Restaurant starting at 9 am. This event is always well attended. It’s one of our largest events and it’s our time to celebrate volunteers and volunteerism. And so I try to do everything to make it special. I try to I wanted to be focused on the volunteers and their achievements. While a volunteer might consider their contribution to be small one, their time commitment is huge to CCMH and to me. I always love to have a moment where we get to celebrate our volunteers.”

One of the benefits of volunteering at CCMH the opportunity to pick and choose from several options. Durbin says there a number of ways to help.

“You can be as involved and spend as much time with us as you’d like or as little. If you like retail, the CCMH Gift Shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Some volunteers are involved in the ordering of the merchandise and creating the displays. Volunteers help make sales of items and run the cash register. When it comes to the Patient Transportation Service, you can serve as a driver or as a host or hostess. At the Thrift Shop, we need volunteers who like to sort through donations to find the items we can sell. Regardless of the volunteer role, we provide any training or tools you’ll need to be successful.”

CCMH Gift Shop

From the CCMH Gift Shop perspective, Durbin explain the net positive cash flows are used to help fund scholarships for first or second years college students pursing healthcare careers, and to purchase equipment for CCMH.

“The success of the Gift Shop over the past year allowed the CCMH Auxiliary Scholarship to award $1,000 scholarships to eight students for the 2024-2025 academic season. Any additional positive cash flow is used to help the hospital purchase a much needed item on the contingency equipment list. The auxiliary is excited to be able to fund these efforts.”

CCMH Patient Transportation Service

One of the more unique programs operated by a small rural hospital is the CCMH Free Patient Transportation Service. Durbin says the program is almost entirely run by volunteers.

“It’s such a rewarding program for both our patients and our volunteers. On each van, we have both a driver and a host/hostess. We service all of Crawford County and Dunlap and so it’s really exciting. Our Patient Transportation Service volunteers derive great satisfaction in helping people get to their medical, or treatment, or rehab services appointments.  The program and the volunteers are a great asset to our hospital.”

Good Samaritan Center Thrift Shop

The Good Samaritan Center Thrift Shop is a different type of opportunity but is always in need of volunteers as well.

“The Thrift Shop is such a needed asset to our community. It’s amazing the different age ranges of volunteers including our older folks all the way down the spectrum to high school students who need community service hours as a graduation requirement. What better place than the Thrift Shop to learn about volunteering and how your volunteer work translates to good in our community? In my opinion, it’s the best place volunteer if your enjoy sifting through donated items to find the treasures people are interested in buying and taking home.”

Durbin says in addition to the good vibes volunteers get from time spent on a good cause, they also get several other perks.

“Along with a free lunch in the hospital cafeteria whenever you volunteer, we also award our volunteers 40% off their purchases there. If you volunteer for the Transportation Service, you’ll receive a hat, a jacket and a polo shirt along with a stocking cap for the winter. Thrift Shop volunteers receive 10% off their purchases in the shop along with a $5 coupon for every hour spent volunteering. All volunteers get a health screening including a TB test. Our goal is not just to have good volunteers but have good, healthy, happy volunteers.”

How to Volunteer at CCMH

Those interested in volunteering at CCMH can contact Durbin directly or complete and submit the form on the CCMH website.

“Anyone who wants to learn more about becoming a volunteer for Crawford County Memorial Hospital, in whatever capacity, can call me directly at 712-265-2520 or email me at Or fill out the volunteer form online and submit it to me there. The best thing about volunteering is building amazing relationships with a new friend that you didn’t know you were going to have when you first started.”



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