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CCMH Emergency Medical Services Forge Collaborative Partnership with Denison Police Department

[Denison, IA] – In a significant stride towards enhancing community safety and well-being, Crawford County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) have announced a strategic partnership with Denison Police aimed at optimizing treatment protocols at emergency scenes. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to streamline response efforts and ensure prompt and effective medical intervention in critical situations.

Traditionally, emergency medical services and law enforcement have operated as separate entities, often with limited interaction at the scene of incidents. However, recognizing the vital importance of seamless coordination in emergencies, authorities have initiated joint training programs and protocol development to enable a unified approach to handling crises.

Kelby Eck, Director of EMS at CCMH, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “This collaboration marks a significant evolution in how we respond to emergencies. By working hand in hand with law enforcement, we can ensure that individuals in need receive the most comprehensive care possible, right from the moment help arrives.”

To underscore this partnership, emergency medical personnel recently delivered “go” bags to equip all seven of the city patrol vehicles. A “go” bag is full of basic medical equipment including trauma supplies and masks. EMS personnel are also training officers in basic first aid and the use of field equipment. This integrated approach aims to address medical needs while also ensuring the safety and security of all individuals involved.

Tony Trejo, Denison Police Chief, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in crisis situations. “Our officers are trained to secure scenes and manage potential threats, but by partnering with emergency services, we can also facilitate rapid access for medical personnel and expedite life-saving interventions.”

The partnership extends beyond response protocols to encompass ongoing communication and collaboration between agencies. This coordination of services between EMS and law enforcement fulfills the common desire of both agencies to best serve the people of Crawford County.

Denison Mayor Pam Soseman commended the initiative, highlighting its potential to enhance public safety and build trust within the community. “This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to proactive, coordinated efforts that prioritize the well-being of our residents. By working together, we can better serve our community and ensure a safer future for all.”

The partnership between emergency services and law enforcement underscores a progressive approach to crisis management, emphasizing cooperation, efficiency, and community-focused care. As this initiative takes root, residents can rest assured that their safety remains paramount, with dedicated professionals working tirelessly to safeguard lives and promote well-being.



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